We bring you quality fabrics and a selection of the finest fashion.



From the first idea to design, development and production!

The finest fabrics at your fingertips


Hartman Textiles is specialised in all what textiles and fashion is concerned. We have a huge knowledge of quality fabrics, labels, lining and jeans/press buttons.

Hartman Textiles represents world leading fabric manufacturers and presents all collection in it’s showroom located at Schiphol Oost Amsterdam. Our showroom is a “one stop shop” where we present all kinds of fabrics for both men and women’s fashion.

We provide management of the entire production with production facilities in Italy, Turkey and China.
We also present ready-made products like shirts, jackets and coats for private label content. In addition, we supply the best quality labels, jeans and press buttons worldwide. We are very pleased to welcome you  in our showroom with a fine Italian cup of coffee to discuss all possibilities of our expertise.



We partner with the best to provide you top of the bill


If you like to visit us for great insights and a delicious cup of coffee, you can find our showroom at Schiphol Oost Amsterdam


Hartman Textiles

Walaardt Sacrestraat 405
1117 BM Schiphol – The Netherlands

+31 020 2401345